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 Cricket World Trophy 1990 - 2010




Previous Winners

Scorecards Finals  Unfortunately we had to move rather rapidly from one server to the current one and in doing so lost some pages in particular most of the Finals. These will be put back over time. Should any scorers and keeper of records have the scorecard in a form easily transmitted by email please do so as it will speed the process.

The Cricket World Trophy ran for twenty years. The competition in essence was taken over or recreated by the Cricketer Cup and continues now as the Cricketer Trophy.

Among the current competitors are three former Cricket World Trophy members-Old Warwickians, Old Georgians and Old King's Scholars.


In the Cricketer Cup now play three former Cricket World Trophy regulars-Old Bedfordians, Old Cranleighans and Old Eastbournians.


Cricketer Trophy Winners

2011 Old Hurstjohnians

2012 Old Warwickians  Scorecard  Alex Welch Report & Photographs


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